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Tucson Toffee Co. is a locally owned and operated small business.  We create small batch toffee with no artificial flavors or preservatives.

Over a decade ago, our toffee started as gifts for friends and family. During a gallery showing in the Little Gallery at Degrazia Gallery in the Sun, we served our toffee to guests, who immediately asked if it was for sale; it was at that moment

Tucson Toffee Co. was born.

For years after, we talked about what a great business it would be, but who has the time?!  Finally, determined to make Tucson Toffee Co. a Tucson favorite, we soft launched Christmas 2019.

Since then, our small toffee business has garnered rave reviews and is now one of the most popular treats in the Old Pueblo.


You can find us all over Tucson, check out our AVAILABLE AT page for a list of retailers.

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